Thoughts on poverty and homelessness in the U.S.A.

Comments on: "2012. It’s here. We’ve done the deed. We’ve allowed time to catch up with us. So now what?" (4)

  1. Lester Shepherd said:

    I think u are a brilliant writer. Maybe as good as Morris Berman! You shud submit this essay to to be published on the web.

    • Thank you. Coming from one of Berman’s readers, that’s a true compliment, as he attracts a lot of intelligent, well-read people to his blog. I often read his blog for the comments and learn a lot from them.

      Not sure who’d read my submission to Counterpunch, though, as I’m not very “well-connected.” But thanks for the comment.

      • Lester Shepherd said:

        Funny thing happened to me the other day on Morris Berman’s blog. I got thrown off and was hissed at for comments that were not welcomed, esp by the maestro. He took the comments personally. As I said, I think his work is brilliant and belongs in the line of individuals going back to the Greeks that are prophetic. I have lost all hope with this world. I grew up in the sunny, fair days of the fifties where whites had it all to themselves in this country. I am not very smart and in fact hated to read and go to school until I was forty. Had a religious experience and everything I believed turned 180 degrees. My reading turned me again and I am now, what I call, a Christian Atheist.

      • Don’t know why, but I somehow missed this other comment till today when I was browsing thru my posts. Yes, I also admire Berman but noticed he gets offended when ppl disagree w/certain pts. He made a few snippy remarks & got a little too anti-American for me, so I haven’t been on his blog in a while, though I do admire his work. (And I do agree w/most of his pts just not the extreme hate for the US that I sometimes have seen on his blog.)

        You say you’re not “smart.” Are you sure about that? Remember, there are lots of ways to be smart and not all “smart” people do well in school. Some people learn better on their own w/o much formal schooling. I interviewed a scientist in my area who’s largely self-taught. He’s a genius and even resembles Einstein, but he didn’t care for school much either.

        I’m going through an agnostic phase myself but I do believe in a higher power of some kind.
        Thanks for your comments.

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